Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Hunt Work?

The 50-acre hunting ranch is reserved exclusively for your hunting party. Your game is released on the ranch the night prior to your arrival. When you arrive, you begin your hunt – stalking, tracking, etc. Up to two hunters are allowed to carry weapons at a time. We are happy to accompany you and give hints if desired or you can go out on your own. When you’ve shot your animal, you can field dress it, or have us do it for you.

How Do You Measure Curl of Horns?


What breeds of turkeys are offered ?

Breeds of turkeys vary according to availability. In the past we have had Narragansett, Black Spanish, Blue Slate, Royal Palm Broad breasted white, and Bourbon Reds.

Why aren't native turkey breeds like Merriam's or Rio's Offered?

These native breeds are controlled by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources; therefore, they require a hunting license and must be hunted in season.

How can I schedule a hunt?

You can schedule via our website on the booking page or on our Facebook page: or by calling 801-667-3529 during business hours. Just let us know what game you're interested in, and when you'd like to come. We do hunts Tues-Fri evenings, and Saturday afternoons/evenings. We can take reservations up to six months in advance. For large animals, you will be asked to provide a deposit at the time of booking.

Do I need to wear hunter orange?

No, because of the controlled nature of our hunts, hunter orange is not required. Many like to wear camo - it makes for good pictures!

How much hiking is generally required?

Hiking averages 1/4 mile. The ranch has two types of terrain: hilly with juniper and pinion, and flatter with sage.

What techniques are used to find turkeys?

Hunters spot and stalk and/or use calls, and can even set up turkey blinds. You can bring your own call, or use one of ours.

How far is the average shot?

Shots average from 50-200 yards depending on the terrain.

Can I bring an ATV on the hunt?

To keep the area pristine, we allow motorized vehicles only around the bunkhouse and parking area. (Exceptions made for those with special needs)

What does the price include?

A spectacular hunt on our 50-acre property, with guide and rifle backup if desired. Field dressing is included. Tracking collars are available as requested for no additional charge.

What about game processing and taxidermy?

You can butcher your game yourself. You are also welcome to drop the animal off at a local butcher on your way home (we can call them to arrange it), or for $30 we will drop it off for you. Customer is responsible for processing charges. A nearby taxidermist offers a discount to our guests. Call for details.

What weapons are allowed?

We offer hunts for fire arms or archery. Feel free to bring your own weapon or rent one of ours.

How can you offer year-round hunts?

Since the hunt is on private property with privately raised animals, we are able to book hunts at any time of the year.

Is there a minimum age for hunters?

No, but each hunter under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present.

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