About Big Mountain Hunting Ranch


Hi, I'm Kelly,

I’ve been interested in hunting for as long as I can remember. The thrill of getting my first buck as a teenager is a memory I’ll always treasure - and...I was putting meat on the family’s table!

When, of necessity, target shooting became tightly controlled due to fire danger west of Utah Lake, I began plans for a shooting range to meet the needs of sportsmen in the area...and look what it has become!

It has been great to meet so many good people, and to bring excitement and happiness in a world that is often so intense and serious. So many have “learned the ropes” of hunting for the first time, have honed in their skills for bigger hunts, have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, and have just come for the thrill of it!

Several times we have partnered with Chairbound Sportsmen, a non-profit group servicing wounded warriors and others with mobility struggles. It has been a true honor. (Please check out their website www.chairboundsportsman.org/)

Call 801-667-3529 to come for a free tour and to check out the beautiful animals we have available. We love to meet new friends!.